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Prepaid 3G/4G Internet network - Access the Internet in Iceland with Vodafone

Accessing the Internet in Iceland is simple; Vodafone offers various prepaid 3G/4G Internet network solutions to choose from, allowing you to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and loved ones at any time.

Prepaid 4G/5G Internet - Starter kit

Our 4G/5G Prepaid Mobile Internet Starter kit is ideal for those travelling to Iceland with an iPad or another tablet computer or 4G/5G mobile internet equipment. The kit includes a regular SIM-card, which can be transformed into a Micro-SIM by punching the Micro-SIM out of the traditional-sized SIM, and a 3 GB data credit. The Prepaid Mobile Internet Starter kit costs only ISK 1.790. When the included 3 GB limit is reached, topping-up is easy via our online top-up page, by calling 1414 and using our automated topping-up system or seeking assistance from our consultants.